The Allahabad High Court’s Registrar General vide letter dated 02.05.2020 which is addressed to all district court judges and officer’s special duty under its jurisdiction, conveyed that all the Courts under the High Court’s jurisdiction are to be remained closed till further notice. The Hon’ble High Court reiterating its earlier order dated 25.03.2020 requested the addressee to take all the necessary compliance and also directed to inform all the Presiding Officers of Commercial Courts, Motor Accident Claims Tribunals and Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement Authorities, of respective districts about the necessary information and strict compliance of the same in letter and spirit.

Further, the Hon’ble Court directs the addressee to ensure that the contents of the letter are published on their respective District Court website in order to bring awareness among the stakeholders viz. Advocates, litigants, concerned authorities etc.

Earlier the Hon’ble Court directed that all subordinates court will remain close till 03.05.2020. The further intimation of closure came after the Union Home Affairs order dated 01.05.2020 wherein the period of lockdown further extended for two weeks.

Order:ALL High Court 02-05-2020

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