While the Supreme Court refused to intervene and stay the oath taking ceremony of Mr. B.S Yedyurappa, it preponed the date of conducting the floor test to Saturday 20th May 2018. A Floor Test is a process undertaken in the Parliament/State Legislative Assembly for the Chief Minister to prove his majority by way of a vote of confidence in cases where the majority for formation of the government is in question. A Pro Term speaker is a member of the State Legislative Assembly appointed by the Governor of the State before the first meeting of the newly- elected State Legislature. It is usually the senior most member who is selected to be the pro term speaker. His duties include administering the oath to the newly elected members, enabling the House to elect the new Speaker among other.

Witnessing the extreme turn of events post the recently concluded Karnataka State Elections, the appointment of BJP MLA KG Bopaiah as Pro Term Speaker as against the custom of appointing the senior most Legislative Member, in this case Congress MLA RV Deshpande, has further sparked the already existing political issue clouding over Karnataka.

While hearing the plea filed challenging the appointment of MLA KG Bopaiah, the Supreme Court refused to consider the plea and awaited the results of the floor test that would take place at 4.00 pm on Saturday 19th May 2018.


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