Our team comprises experienced and resourceful advocates and lawyers who advise and represent our clients in all dispute resolution forums. We have previously represented our clients in arbitral proceedings involving complex commercial disputes on various subject matters including insurance law,consumer law, government construction contracts, contractual breach etc.

We also have experience in litigation in support of arbitral proceedings,including application for interim relief, judicial appointment of arbitrator and challenge of award.

Past experience includes:

  •  Representing clients in arbitral proceedings for the recovery of money and other commercial disputes,
  • Representing clients against government parties in arbitral proceedings,
  • Represented clients in the High Court for judicial appointment of arbitrators,
  •  Represented clients in District courts in various judicial proceedings in support of arbitral proceedings.

Adv. Sudhir Reddy is also an Associate member of the London Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and as acted as sole arbitrator in commercial disputes, including matters relating to financial laws and NBFCs.


At Reddy & Reddy we always encourage our clients to first attempt mediating their disputes for the many benefits mediation can yield.We regularly represent our clients in mediation proceedings, civil as well as commercial.

Adv. Sudhir Reddy is an accredited Mediator at Align Mediation, Oxford (UK),and has extensive experience as mediator in civil and commercial disputes. He regularly conducts mediation in family, estate and inheritance disputes, divorce cases, and various commercial dispute.

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