Reliance upon certified copies of any orders of Superior courts by the Trial Courts has led to an inadvertent expenditure of time and resources in urgent and sensitive matters. The Trial Court’s justification in its demand for Certified Copies of relevant orders from superior courts lays upon the basic premise of the reliability of such an authenticated copy. However, in a recent order passed by Justice RV Ghuge of the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court, the Learned Judge stated that uploading of official orders on the website of the High court is deemed to be authentic and citing a print out of such orders should be considered by Trial Courts as being a certified copy of the same. The order stated that:

“As observed in the foregoing paragraphs, in the event of any doubt in the mind of the learned Judge, it can be checked from the official website of the Bombay High Court as to whether such an order has been uploaded or not? Once the order is uploaded on the official website, it is a reliable document to be considered by the Court before whom it is cited.”

With the order stating further circulation of this order to all the Principal District Judges within the State of Maharashtra, the implementation of this interpretation shall help in expediting matters more adequately and efficaciously.

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