Drug abuse, commonly referred to as substance abuse, has been a menace that has created havoc in maintaining law and order situations. Instances of drug abuse have been migrating from adults to children, with the latest video of a trailer documentary featuring a young teenage boy named Kamlesh doing the rounds on the social media circuit. With presence of such various chemicals via the medium of commonly available articles, the tendency to misuse such chemicals through inhalation of consumption increases simultaneously.

In Writ Petition bearing WP (CRL) No 2401/2017 filed by a rag picker before the Delhi High Court seeking production of her two young daughters who went missing, the police evaluated and linked the girls going missing to child trafficking and drug abuse. In its status report, the Police highlighted the fact that several children went missing, mainly within the vicinity of the Aman Vihar Area of New Delhi. With reference to an order passed by the Juvenile Justice Board- III, Delhi on 20.03.2017, inference was placed on the usage of substances such as whiteners, correction fluids, vulcanising solutions/ sulochans to be included within the interpretation of the term “intoxicating liquor”. By widening the scope of the meaning of “intoxicating liquor”, the applicability of Section 77 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 is extended to the child traffickers misusing whiteners, correction fluids, vulcanising solutions/ sulochans as intoxicating agents on children thereby making such traffickers liable for punishment under Section 77 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015. It was also referred to the order dated 20.03.2017 that mandatory warning need to be printed on application devices containing correcting fluids/thinners and vulcanised solutions/sulochans regarding the hazardous health effects of inhalation/consumption of such vapours/liquids. The Hon’ble High Court also directed a copy of the order dated 20.03.2017 to be circulated to various Drug Enforcement agencies, De-addition centres and NGO’s engaged in fighting drug abuse informing them of the inclusion of correctional fluids and vulcanising solutions within the meaning of “intoxicating liquids”.

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