In view of COVID-19 pandemic, the Family Court in West Delhi allowed a man to video call his child aged 3 years everyday as per his visitation rights.

The directions were given in response to an application filed by Mr. Vishal Verma wherein he mentioned about the visitation rights granted to him with regards to his child by the Additional Principal Judge of the Family Court at West Delhi vide order dated 06.07.2019. He also stated that it had been more than 40 days since he met his child due to the non-compliance of the said order by the Respondent, i.e. Twinkle Vinayak, the child’s mother. Furthermore, the Applicant was unable to contact his child via video call as the Respondent had blocked his and his family members’ contact numbers.

Considering the nationwide lockdown, the Applicant decided that it was best not to meet his child in person and thus prayed to the Hon’ble Family Court in the present case to allow him to talk to his child via video call every day for 10 minutes.

The Respondent submitted on the other hand that she had always complied with the order dated 06.07.2020. She also stated that since the child was not comfortable in talking via video call for long durations, she could allow the video call to take place for a period of 2-3 minutes between 12 to 12:30 pm every day. She also prayed to the Hon’ble Court to abstain the Applicant from recording any video calls between him and the child.

After hearing both the parties, Justice Vikas Dhull rejected the Respondent’s plea thus allowing the Applicant to video call his child every day from 12 to 12:10pm. The order stated as follows, “the respondent (mother) will co-operate with the applicant and will allow applicant (father) to have a video call with the child every day from 24.4.2020 from 12 noon to 12.10 pm and will not block the WhatsApp number of the applicant during the aforementioned period.”

The Respondent was further directed to not block the Applicant’s contact number during the said duration. In regards to the Respondent’s concern over the recording of video calls, it was directed to the Applicant to refrain from recording any calls between him and the child.

Order:Vishal Verma Vs Twinkle Vinayak