The ministry of home affairs in light of taking effective measures and considering the challenges faced during the national lockdown owing to the COVID-19 outbreak decided to constitute empowered groups, exercising its power given under section 10 (2)(h) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. The Ministry therefore has constituted eleven empowered groups. The groups henceforth formed will identify the problems and provide the required solutions. Further they can make necessary steps and ensure its implementation within the period.

The recommendation given by these groups, the ministries and departments will ensure its implementation. In case there is a dilemma that whether such matters fall under the expertise of the concerned group, the guidance can be sought from the cabinet secretary.

The formation of these groups is an applauding initiative taken by the ministry. Such groups will be focused on combating the problems arising due to COVID-19 in a more efficient manner. The groups are well segregated, and a team of experts have been selected in this regard.

Order: MHA Order on Disaster Management Act 2005

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