What should you do if the builder delays the project incessantly?

Sudhir Reddy, Founder, Reddy and Reddy Law Firm, stated that in case a builder delays the project delivery beyond a period as agreed upon in the agreement for sale, then the aggrieved home buyer can take legal action against the promoter. The article “What should you do if the builder delays the project incessantly?” was published in the real estate portal, 99acres.com, written by Subhadra Badauria.

Property rights of daughter and daughters-in-law in India.

Adv. Sudhir Reddy provided Subhadra Badauria, Senior Research Analyst at 99acres.com, a real estate portal, legal insights on the the situation of daughters and daughters-in-law in the Hindu Undivided Property. He avers that “In the case of a self-acquired property of father or mother, their son or daughter has no birthright over it. If the father or the mother dies intestate, the devolution of the property takes place as per Rules of Hindu Succession Act, 1956 under which the daughter is covered as Class I heir and has an equal right along with the son(s) and other legal heirs,”

Irked by arbitrary suspension order, Smart City CFO, Devendra Kumar Agarwal sends legal notice to the CEO.

Devendra Agarwal, CFO of the Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) was arbitrarily suspended after over 40 years of service, by the CEO, Rajendra Jagtap, as published in Pune Mirror, edition of 9th March, 2019.  Adv. Sudhir Reddy sent a legal notice to PSCDCL, on behalf of Mr. Agarwal, stating that Mr. Agarwal had submitted his concerns regarding the deviations and unilateral decisions taken by Mr. Jagtap and had issued letters to the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Commissioner, Chairman of PSCDCL board and the Urban Development Department raising concerns regarding the functioning and the working style of the CEO, especially the handling of financial management of PSCDCL. The notice alleges that despite Mr. Agarwal’s protests on paper, Jagtap ‘continued to act and conduct business in PSCDCL in a totalitarian, arbitrary manner without any regard to the mandatory regulatory provisions’ and hence Mr. Agarwal was suspended without proper procedure being followed just because he called out Mr. Jagtap

The Pune family court has allowed the serving of a summons via WhatsApp, following no response from the said party, based in London, to the traditional methods of summons.

Adv. Sudhir Reddy from Reddy and Reddy Law Firm, facilitated the Order for issue of summon via WhatsApp passed in the Pune family court. The complainant, from Pune, filed for restitution of conjugal rights in the family court. However, the case was being delayed merely because the court summons couldn’t be served to the respondent, even after numerous calls and text messages, as he was residing and working in the UK at that time. Adv. Sudhir Reddy, lawyer of the complainant, pleaded in front of the Court explaining the difficulty of the situation and the need to allow summons via WhatsApp. The Court of Judge GG Bhalchandra allowed the application on November 22, 2018 and cleared the serving of summons via WhatsApp.

Pune welcomes New Year with Gudi Padwa, Ugadi and Cheti Chand, the traditional way

Co-founder of Reddy and Reddy Law Firm, Sudhir Reddy and his wife Akanksha Reddy are all geared up to celebrate Ugadi, the Hindu New Year celebrated by the people of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. The Hindustan Times, Pune paid a visit to the Reddy household and observed how the festival is celebrated and what sacraments are attached to it. Sudhir Reddy, explained that the name Ugadi is derived from the two words, Yug and Adi meaning new and beginning respectively and how food plays an important role in it.

Company’s Managing Director arrested after a month and half of complaint filed by a 26 year old female employee.

The employee had filed an FIR in the Yerwada Police Station against the MD of Glatt Systems Pvt Ltd, Rajiv Bhide for molestation after working for only a period of 5 months. Mr. Bhide was arrested, after a period of one and a half month but is now out on bail. Adv. Sudhir Reddy, counsel of the employee sent an application to the company, insisting on the formation of an Internal Inquiry Committee to probe into the matter and conduct internal proceedings. However, the Committee Chairperson was Mr. Bhide’s lawyer’s wife and hence due to conflict of interest, the matter is under the investigation by the Police.  The MD had allegedly called the employee to his office and touched her inappropriately; he even passed lewd comments, texted her at odd hours and demanded sexual favors.

Cops, after much probe, allow a ‘minor’ to register complaint against her molester under POCSO Act.

A 17 year old was being sexually harassed by her college mate continuously. The minor filed a complaint at the Mangaldas Police chowky but the Police refused to file an FIR stating that “a minor has no right to report harassment”. After much probe and involving the DCP, Pankaj Dahane, the FIR was however registered at the Koregaon Park Police Station. However, the molester was booked under the Indian Penal Code instead of being charged under the POCSO Act. The Pune Mirror covered the case and sought the legal advice of Adv. Sudhir Reddy, co-founder of Reddy and Reddy law firm. Adv. Sudhir stated that, “Irrespective of the nature or reason for the sexual crime, the minute a minor is involved, relevant sections of the POCSO Act must be included in the complaint.”

TEDxBMCC: ‘Escaping Reality’ for BMCC students.

The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) had conducted a TEDx on the theme “Escaping Reality”. The event was not only a maiden one for the College but also for the Deccan Education Society. Adv. Sudhir Reddy, along with other professionals and scholars, was one of the speakers. He presented his insights on the theme focusing his talk on the topic “Designing a Border-less World”.

The Legal Path

Times of India, in its article “The Legal Path” enlists the various legal fields that an aspiring lawyer or a law student can aim for. The publication sought the opinion of Adv. Sudhir Reddy on the field of family law. Our founder stated what a family lawyer deals with and how a family lawyer plays the role of a counselor between the couple or two families. He also talked about the increasing scope of family lawyers giving emphasis to the skill of mediation as well.