The Hon’ble Delhi High Court on 04.05.2020 gave directions to Government of NCT Delhi to submit affidavit indicating the timeline required to upgrade the current lease lines from 34 MBPS to 1 GBPS for digitalization of the court records in each District Court. The affidavit shall be filed by a senior officer of Government of NCT Delhi on or before 12.06.2020. The order is given by Hon’ble Justice Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad in the matter between Mr. Anand Vaid vs. Ms. Preety Vaid and Others, where Petitioner Mr. Anand Vaid is seeking divorce on ground of cruelty before Family Court, Rohini, North West District.

The Petitioner aggrieved by delay in recording of evidence as COVID-19 lockdown imposed by both Central and State government resulted in standstill of all the Family Court, filed PIL seeking directions that the evidence be recorded vide video conferencing or any other feasible manner, including appointment of Local Commissioner.

The Registrar and Joint Registrar of Delhi High Court has written repeated letter addressed to District & Session Judge, Tis Hazari, Delhi and Registrar General, Secretary of High Court of Delhi, Government of NCT for grant of administrative approval and sanction of expenditure for enhancement and upgradation of  current existing lease. The most recent reminder addressed to them was dated 18.05.2020 emphasizing the importance of conducting urgent hearing vide video conferencing during the lockdown. Further, the Registrar and joint Registrar informed that the request was also made to Delhi Government dated 27.11.2018 for sanction digitalization of records in District Courts but received no positive response. Taking into consideration the delay the Hon’ble Court also directed Government NCT Delhi to explain the failure to take actions for past two and half years in the abovementioned affidavit.

The Hon’ble Court further enquired that whether the Petitioner has filed application to the Family Court for recording of evidence vide video conferencing. The counsel of Petitioner submitted that no such application is yet made. The Hon’ble Justice left the matter to Petitioner to file the same before Family Court. The Family Court depending upon the urgency of the case and facilities available will take matter in consideration.

Order:DELHI HC_04.06.2020

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