In the matter of Mukta Dabholkar and Anr. v. The Central Bureau of Investigation and Ors. a bench of Hon’ble Bombay High Court comprising of Hon’ble Justice Bharati H. Dangre and Justice S. C. Dharmadhikari made some strong remarks while taking into consideration development in the murder case of Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare.

The Hon’ble court observed that “The freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of India, coupled with the freedom of religion, both of which are subjected to reasonable restriction ensure that there is no suppression of dissent, discussion of debate.” The Hon’ble court was taking into consideration the development in the investigation of the matter which is undertaken by the Central Investigation Bureau of India. The court recognized the fact some steps and measures have been taken in the matter after a few accused in the crime was arrested albeit the investigation procedure is suffering due to procedural compliances and administrative matters taking time. The bench made it a point to mention that the people manning the headquarters of the CBI shall be apprised of the order of the court and its anxiety to be informed of some positive steps being taken by the Bureau.

The Hon’ble court expressed its views regarding the dissenting population of the court by saying that “Further, those expressing strong views and criticising superstitions, beliefs, rituals and practices especially derogatory to women and children should not be threatened with dire consequences nor there should be any attacks on their life and property any further.”

While concluding the it was also mentioned by the bench that “The world is watching how India is making efforts to implement the values and ideals enshrined in the Constitution.”

The Hon’ble Court granted 14th December 2018 to be the next date, which it considers is sufficient to bring on record the subsequent developments in the matter.

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Order: Mukta Dabholkar and Anr. v. The Central Bureau of Investigation and Ors.