The Ministry of Home Affair in continuation to its earlier order dated 15.04.2020, 16.04.2020 and 19.04.2020 and in exercise of its power under section 10(2)(I) of the Disaster Management Act 2005, passed an order dated 21.04.2020 where additional facilities are added in the consolidated revised guidelines for strict implementation.


The followings are included in the revised guidelines:

  1. Inclusion of sub-clause (ix), (x) and (xi) in clause 6 ‘A’ on all agricultural and horticultural activities:
  • In sub clause (ix) facilities for export/import such as Pack houses, inspection and treatment facilities for seed and horticulture produce.
  • In sub clause (x) research establishments dealing with the agriculture and horticulture activities.
  • In sub clause (xi) inter and intra State movement of planting material and honeybee colonies, honey and other beehive products.
  1. Inclusion of sub clause (xi) and (xii) in clause 14 on Commercial and Private establishments:
  • In sub clause (xi) shops for educational books for students.
  • In sub clause (xii) shops for electric fans.
  1. Inclusion of sub clause (iii) in clause 17 on Movement of persons:
  • In sub clause (iii) sign-on and sign-off of Indian Seafarers at Indian ports and their movement for the aforesaid purpose as prescribed in the Standard Operating Protocol.
  1. Addition in clause 19 (v) on forest offices, will include forestry plantation and related activities, including Silviculture operations.


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