The Ministry of Law and Justice vide press release dated 24.04.2020 informed that a division bench of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), led by the Tribunal’s President Justice P.P Bhatt through video conferencing heard and disposed an urgent stay petition. Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, the petition was heard in virtual mode by two-member bench comprising Justice Bhatt and Vice President of ITAT Shri Pramod Kumar from their respective home offices.

The urgent hearing was sought by a Solapur base Pandhes Infracon Pvt. Ltd. i.e. Appellant therein, for stay petition on a notice from Income Tax, Mumbai for recovery of Rs. 2.91 crores (2 crore and 91 lakhs) due for Assessment Year 2010-11. The said company initially approached the Bombay High Court, but the court directed to sought relief in ITAT first.

The ITAT granted the stay and suspended all notice issued by the revenue authorities on the bankers and debtors of the Company. The bench directed the Departmental representative present in the hearing to convey the stay order to the Assessing Officer/Field Officer. Further, the bench directed that the Company’s related appeal for hearing on out of turn basis will be taken up on 08.06.2020.

The video conferencing conducted is the first video conferencing in the history of 79 years. There are 27 locations base of ITAT bench which are equipped to conduct similar hearings vide video conferencing on petitions made by assesses or revenue department on urgent matters.

Order:ITAT 24.04.2020 PIB

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