Reddy & Reddy holds vast experience in labor law and regularly represent employers as well employees in labor disputes in the appropriate judicial forums.

We regularly advise our clients on internal employee policies and employee benefit schemes. We draft internal policies, employee handbooks, sexual harassment at work place policies in compliance with laws and regulations and companies’ byelaws.

We also draft various agreements including employment agreements, appointment letters, NDAs, bond agreements etc. Reddy & Reddy also advises and assists its corporate clients on any issues involving its employees, including termination of employment contracts, absconding employees and other related issues.

Reddy & Reddy has vast experience in labor law compliances, from ESI to PF. We also advise and counsel our corporate clients on sexual harassment compliances and set up of ICC Committees for our clients. We conduct internal trainings for employees as well as ICC Committees members. Our woman Advocates are members of several such committees and have hands on experience in sexual harrassment laws and regulations.

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