Reddy & Reddy is renowned for its experience in litigation. We have successfully represented our clients in civil, commercial and criminal litigation proceedings before the relevant Indian courts. We represent our clients before all available judicial forums: courts, tribunals, commercial courts and other specialized forums.

Reddy & Reddy has extensive experience in civil litigation, including family law matters (divorce, custody, parental rights and obligations etc.), transfer of property, successions, and other related matters.

  • We represent our clients in criminal proceedings (personal injury, cheating, fraud, cheque bounce, assault, rape and other sexual offenses, sexual harassment etc.). We also represent our clients against all types of criminal charges (impaired driving, drug charges, conspiracies etc.).Reddy & Reddy also has expertise in white-collar crimes and other economic offenses (insider trading, fraud, counterfeiting, cheating, IP theft and so on).
  • We represent our clients in complex commercial disputes before all jurisdictions and judicial bodies (civil courts, commercial courts and other specialized tribunal.). We regularly represent our corporate clients in matters relating to contractual breach, money and debt recovery, IPR infringement etc.
  • We represent our clients in all insolvency proceedings: bankruptcy, insolvency, winding up, and liquidation. We take care of the required corporate due diligence.We also regularly advise and represent clients on money recovery against corporate debtors.
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