The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways vide press release dated 24.05.2020 notified that in view of guidelines issued by the Central Government dated 24.03.2020 and advisory issued by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways dated 30.03.2020 regarding extension of validity of documents related to Motor Vehicles Act,1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 wherein the enforcement authorities were advised to treat the validity of documents (those documents whose extension could not be granted amidst the COVID-19 lock down) till 30.06.2020.

The Ministry also showed concern regarding the issues faced by citizens in respect to various fees/late fees mandatory under rule 32 and 81 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 due to COVID-19 lockdown and closure of Government Transport Offices. In order to aid citizens, the Ministry has issued a statutory order prescribing that the fees paid on or after 01.02.2020 for the activities including renewal and in case such activities could not be completed due to lockdown the fees already paid shall remain valid. Further, if there is some delay in paying the fees from 01.02.2020 till the period of lockdown, no additional or late fee will be charged for such delays till 31.07.2020.

The abovementioned measures are taken to provide relaxation to certain extents to individuals who either paid for the service or renewal, but the process could not be completed due to lockdown.

Order: pib notification