In a Circular by the Delhi Police Headquarter for using simpler words in place of certain Urdu and Persian words in FIRs, the Delhi High Court has opinionated that an FIR should be in a language, which should be comprehendible to everyone or in the language of the person who has approached the Police for lodging of FIR.

“FIR should be in words of the complainant. Too much flowery language, the meaning of which is to be found out with the help of dictionaries, is not to be used in the FIRs. Moreover, the police officers are working for the common public at large and not always for those who are Doctorate degree holders in Urdu, Hindi or Persian languages. As far as possible, simple words are to be used in the FIRs”, the court said.

The Court has thus directed the Delhi Police to present before it at least copies of ten FIRs registered with ten different police stations, along with a supporting affidavit, to show that the Circular is being followed in letter and spirit.

The order was passed by a Division Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar.

The court took reference to the list of 383 Urdu and Persian words detailed and translated by the Headquarters in its Circular dated November 20, the Court observed that these words were being used in a mechanical manner by the Police, without even understanding their meaning.

The Court thus opined that the practice of using such words in the FIR ought to be stopped as the public at large might not be able to understand all these words.

It added that an FIR should be in the simplest language possible and there was no need for Police to show their knowledge of Urdu or Persian words.

The court further clarified that the list of words provided by the headquarter was incomplete and there exists a lot of other words of similar complexity, which were not included.

In order to ensure that public understands the FIR thoroughly the Court directed the Delhi Police to provide a translated list of such Urdu and Persian words used in the FIR to the parties, along with the FIR.

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