A young Environmentalist, Aditya Dubey, through his guardian initiated a plea in the National Green Tribunal opposed to the giants Flipkart and Amazon for using excessive amounts of plastic while packaging their products.

The Petitioner claimed that Amazon and Flipkart deliver more than 20 million products a day, and packages them using oversized cardboards. Those oversized packages create unnecessary space, which could hamper with the product’s quality, therefore to deal with this problem they use ‘single-use plastic’ like, bubble wraps which are not degradable and outlive humans by 1000 years, it breaks down into smaller fragments known as microplastics which then contaminates the water & soil and additionally, has various ill-effects on environment as well as on animals. He further claimed that, the chemicals released from plastics can severely damage a human’s respiratory system and other organs.

The Petitioner submitted that, these harmless looking ‘Single-use plastics’ can be replaced by environmentally friendly products like, wood wool, paper bubble wrap etc. He further furnished the fact that the Respondents did not even make any provisions in pursuance of mitigating the challenges with respect to withdrawal collection, management of plastic waste generated by them, didn’t ensure if they will get recycled, and thus, clearly violated Plastic Waste Management Rules.

The Petitioner contended that, he aspires to live in a plastic-free environment by banishing the use of single-use plastics.


Image Link : https://bit.ly/33xBzz8