The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka vide circular dated 10.08.2020 stated that the period of quarantine undergone by the staff members of District/Trial Courts shall be treated as on duty, provided the fulfilment of certain conditions.

As a result of numerous staff members of the District/Tehsil Courts being subjected to quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic, the said circular was published stating out the following conditions on the fulfilment of which, staff members during the period of quarantine will be treated as on duty:

  1. If a staff member of District/Trial Courts is quarantined as per medical advice on becoming a primary contact of a COVID-19 patient or for any other reason including being tested positive, he/she shall inform the Unit Head concerned immediately and in turn, the Unit Head shall submit a report to the Principal District Judge/Principal Judge concerned.
  2. After completion of the quarantine period, the staff member shall submit a medical certificate specifically mentioning the period of quarantine issued by the District/Taluk Health Officer to the Unit Head along with supporting documents, if any.
  3. After due verification, the Unit Head concerned shall forward the same to the Principal District Judge/Principal Judge. The Principal District Judge shall treat the period of quarantine as on duty, after intimating the High Court, only if he/she is satisfied about the genuineness of the grounds of quarantine.

As per the circular, all the Principal District and Sessions Judges/Controlling Authorities were thereby directed to follow the abovementioned directions.


Circular:circular dated 10.08.2020