The single judge bench of Justice A.K Menon while hearing Integr8 Fuels India Pvt. Ltd v/s Wilchief 1(IMO No. 8304799) commercial admiralty suit vide video conferencing where the parties decided to amicably settle the dispute, allowed the release of supply vessel which was kept on hold offshore. The advocates of both the parties presented their consent terms which was duly signed by the parties. In the amid of social distancing due to the pandemic both parties agreed to hearing of matter via video conferencing. The court recorded the consent terms of parties and passed the order that by virtue of the settlement it was also observed that no further caveat registered was pending for due payment.

The Sheriff accepted the undertaking of defendant to pay all the expenses and that it shall comply with the abovementioned order. The court directed the Sheriff office and both the parties to act upon the order as authenticated. The authenticated copy will be issued once it is verified that there is no further caveat filed.

Since the suit is disposed on terms of the parties amicably, the court fees would be refunded as per the rules in due time. The hearing through the video conference was convened considering the restriction on physical hearing in court rooms amid the COVID-19 the defendant’s Advocate requested the matter to be hear by conferencing and the same was accepted by the plaintiff. The defendant paid the plaintiff the entire claim amount i.e. Rs. 1,25,45,000/- (Rupees One Crore Twenty-Five Lakhs Forty-Five Thousand Only) by RTGS transfer.


Order:Bombay High Court Order 03.04.2020