Taking into consideration the dire situation of the nation due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown, the Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has now introduced a new financial assistance scheme for the benefit of lawyers. The scheme named “COVID-19 Financial Assistance and Grant Scheme” was announced through a set of guidelines released by the SCBA on 25.05.2020.

All members whose names are included in the list of voters of the SCBA during the year 2015-19 who are facing financial crisis due to the pandemic can avail the benefits of the “COVID-19 Financial Assistance and Grant Scheme”.

The members who wish to apply for the financial assistance will have to apply in the form that is prescribed and also furnish a declaration or an undertaking. The applications should consist of the membership number and details of the advocate along with the serial number in the voter list. Other than the voters, the members who are in dire need of aid and are facing grave financial hardship because of the lock down will also be given financial assistance.

Under the scheme, benefit will be given to members whose annual income was less than Rs.8,00,000/- (Rupees Eight Lakhs Only)  in the preceding year and the members will also have to disclose if they had previously taken any loan from SCBA under the COVID-19 scheme or the SCAORA COVID scheme or under  any other scheme of any Bar Association.

The members applying for this grant need to apply with complete particulars and include all the details like full name, age, residential address and membership number. The application can be sent by e-mail along with the bank account details, and the identity of the Advocate will be kept confidential

Once the application is submitted, it will be scrutinized by a committee of the Executive Committee, which will then be sent to the Executive Committee for approval. The discretion to approve or reject the application will be with the Executive Committee, and if approved the fund will be electronically transferred to the advocate.

The financial assistance under the scheme is being provided from the generous payments and voluntary donations made by the SCBA members and the financial resources of the SCBA are not being used. A one-time financial assistance will be offered as an ex-gratia benefit limited to the amount of Rs. 20,000/- to the advocates in need.

Advocates who are eligible may email applications to scbaec@gmail.com . The Scheme and Application Form is available on the SCBA website i.e. www.scbaindia.org.

After the grant is sanctioned, the member will be requested to send the application in physical form to the SCBA.

Order:SCBA COVID19 Scheme

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