The Government of Goa published amendment in Standing Orders in the official gazette on 21.05.2020 adopting Fixed Term Employment notified under Central Standing Orders for Self-Certification Schemes under Factories Act 1948 and for Boiler Operations. The State Government of Goa issued a notification on 08.05.2020 to adopted the central amendments on Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central (Amendment) Rules 2018 in the state, which amends item 1 under Schedule of the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 thereby substituting the ‘fixed-term employment workmen in the apparel manufacturing sector’ to ‘fixed term employment’. Further, the amendment incorporates the provision of Rule 3(A) under Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central Rules 1946 prescribing that the employer of an Industrial Establishment shall not convert the posts of the Permanent Workmen to fixed term employment and the conditions of services of such fixed term employee viz. working hours, wages, allowances etc. shall not be less favorable in respect to the permanent workmen.

Further, the State government notified a ‘Self Certification Scheme’ for factories under Factories Act, 1948 as well as for the use of boilers in factories. The object of the scheme is to reduce visits of the Inspectors for inspection of factories whose owners opt for the scheme without compromising the safety, health, and welfare of workers as prescribed in The Boilers Act, 1923. The scheme enables the boiler owners to take responsibility of safety maintenance themselves.

The standing orders are rules of conduct for workers employed in industrial establishments. The object of this is to secure benefits for workers and improve their working conditions.

Order: Goa – adopts Fixed Term Employment Notified under Central Standing orders

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