In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and due to the fear of its spread, it was found that the doctors, paramedics and healthcare personnels were harassed to vacate their rented premises by their respective landlords/homeowners. In light of such reports received, the Karnataka Government issued an order stating that strict penal actions would be taken against landlords/homeowners who are forcing the eviction of tenants who are healthcare providers.

The order clarifies that such act amounts to “obstruction to public servant in discharging their duties”. The state has imposed Karnataka Epidemic Diseases (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020 under the Epidemic Disease Act, 1987. The Act provides punishment for those who obstructs the discharge of duty of public servants.

A similar order by the Delhi Government on 24.03.20 was issued in the ambit of the reports received from across the country. The healthcare providers are on the frontline of treating patients and are in constant threat of getting exposed to the virus. The fact that the virus is spreading through human contact, and the healthcare providers being in touch with the patients, has scared a number of people including their landlords, resulting in their forceful eviction from their respective homes.

Notice: Order by Karnataka Govt.