The Hon’ble Supreme Court pronounced its verdict in the existential dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over allocation of water from the Cauvery river basin. The Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal (CWDT) was set up in 19990 upon directions of the Supreme Court to look into the age old dispute. The 2007 verdict of the CWDT directed supply of 419 TMC of yearly supply, out of which 192 TMC was to be released by the state of Karnataka. The appeals were pending before the Supreme Court since the day of the CWDT verdict and was finally pronounced on 16th February 2018. The Supreme Court increased the share of water to the State of Karnataka by reducing the release of water to Tamil Nadu from 192 TMC to 177.25 TMC i.e. an additional 14.25 TMC was granted to the State of Karnataka. The Karnataka government praised this decision stating that the additional supply of water would enable provision of supply to the city of Bangalore, which is already facing a sever water shortage crisis.


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